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A warm welcome

To Lindau, the "Happy End of Germany"!
We have pleasure in showing you the treasures of our historical town and its people from the 9th century unto the present day.
The history of Lindau over the centuries is dramatic and fascinating, it will taken your curiosity.
We will walk through little alley ways, picturesque nooks and crannies with their half-timberd houses and the colourful painted and with stone decorated town houses that make up the cobbled streets and squares of Lindau.
The fortifications with their towers and bations are of special interest and date back to 1100 AD.
Come and stroll around the attractive harbour promenade or sit at one of the many cafes with a view to the statue of the lion and the lighthouse guarding the entrance to the harbour, which are the emblem of Lindau.
Taste our famous Bavarian beer and relax and enjoy the good Lake Constance wine and culinary specialities of the region.
We are looking forward to welcome you on the island of Lindau.